Water Filtration Pump

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Introduction to our Project

How We Plan On Moving Forward

Some of the worst countries which lack basic clean water include Mozambique, Somalia, and Uganda. ‘Almost 60 percent of the population in Ethiopia lacks basic access to drinking water. Half of those without basic access are drinking from water that is more than likely or certainly contaminated, like hand-dug wells, unprotected natural springs, ponds, and more. The idea of building a water filtration pump powered by solar panels can help eliminate contaminated water and as a result removes diseases such as diarrhoea, typhoid, and polio, also known as poliomyelitis.

UN Sustainable Goals

The main aim of our project is to provide clean water. We have identified our audience to be the government for the countries we will be arranging to build the water pump in. We will then advise the government to understand the concept of it, so they are able to produce a target audience along with our suggested target audience.
Once our idea has been put forward, if successful, we will look to generate more of these water filtration pump into many other countries who lack access to basic clean water. We believe our product will appeal to the government as they will have the funds to support those in need.

Water Filtration Pump, Powered By Solar Panels - 'After putting forward our contrasted ideologies, we have finally concluded to build a water pump that is run by solar panels'